HS Blue is a heat Stabilised Cast Nylon 6 it’s mechanical properties. Additives in the form of high temperature resistant colorants, heat and UV stabilisers allow this material, HS Blue to well retain mechanical properties in applications operating at high temperatures. The inorganic pigment used to produce HS BLUE distinctive colour conforms to the specifications required.

Key benefits:
•Heat stabilised
•Retains physical properties as the temperature is increased
•Excellent abrasion and wear resistance

Industry users:
•Ship building
•Food and food packaging
•Steel mills
•Quarrying and mining
•Wear rings
•Dolley blocks
•Wear pads

Cast Nylon - Engineering Plastics


Cast Nylon can be produced and machined according to your technical and mechanical requirements for Specific Product Application, and has strong Abrasion Resistant & High Temperature Resistant Properties.


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