Oilon is a special formulation of liquid lubricant encapsulated during manufacturing provides for true lubrication at the bearing surface. Oilon is for applications where maintenance of lubrication is difficult or impossible. Oilon provides an ideal bearing material for submerged or critical tolerance applications.

Key benefits:
• Self Lubricating
• Increase component lifespan
• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
• High impact strength

Industry users:
• Petrochemical
• Construction
• Transport
• Food and food packaging
• Bottling and canning
• Pharmaceuticals
• Steel mills
• Quarrying/mining
• Cranes
• Conveyors
• Offshore

Typical applications:
• Wear pads
• Support rails
• Sheaves
• Rollers
• Guide plates
• Bearings
• Spacers

Cast Nylon - Engineering Plastics


Cast Nylon can be produced and machined according to your technical and mechanical requirements for Specific Product Application, and has strong Abrasion Resistant & High Temperature Resistant Properties.


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