Cast Nylons Applications - Food Processing Equipment


  • Replacement for Steel
  • Light weight & Good wear properties
  • Less Wastage & easy handling.
  • Cast Nylon available can be used for direct food contact applications.


  • Caster Bearings
  • Conveyor Rollers / Bearings
  • Overhead Conveyor Wheels
  • Overhead Conveyor Wheel Bearings
  • Pasteurizing Equipment Components
  • Mixing Paddles
  • Conveyor Wear Plates
  • Scraper Blades
  • Canning Equipment Bushings
  • Canning Equipment Wear Strips
  • Canning Equipment Wear Pads
  • Pump Impellers
  • Valve Bodies
  • Valve Spools
  • Mixing Equipment Bearings / Components
  • Washing Equipment Bearings / Components
  • Commercial Dishwasher Rollers / Bearings
  • Commercial Dishwasher Wear pads


Cast Nylon Feed Screw


Cast Nylon Chopping Board




Cast Nylon - Engineering Plastics


Cast Nylon can be produced and machined according to your technical and mechanical requirements for Specific Product Application, and has strong Abrasion Resistant & High Temperature Resistant Properties.


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